Cirkus Prütz

lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitar - Christian Carlsson

vocals, lead and rhythm guitar - Franco Santunione

bass, vocals - Jerry Prütz

drums - Per Kohlus





Cirkus Prütz take us from their Swedish home directly to a hot, dim bar in Texas. One hears the first bars and wouldn't be surprised if Stevie Ray Vaughan and Billie Gibbons came in at any moment to jam with us. 

The 10 songs on "White Jazz - Black Magic" tell stories that we have all met before. About hopes, dreams and "life" itself. Presented in the seething hot sound of the southern states, between Swamp, Blues, Zydeco and honest Rock.  In addition, the four musicians created an emotional memory of their two former guitarists Robert "Strängen" Dahlquist and Mikael "Fässe" Fässberg with the instrumental "Blues For Fallen Brothers", who unfortunately are no longer with us in this life. All songs on "White Jazz - Black Magic" were composed by the band together and produced by Franco Santunione (Electric Boys, Glory Bells Band).

"Franco really took us to the next level," says guitarist and lead singer Christian Carlsson (The Quill).

"We all contributed to writing from the beginning. We started recording in January 2018, when we didn't have that many tracks, but we collected, tested and improved ideas and you can really hear the result. We're really proud of this album," says Jerry Prütz, the band's bass player.


Cirkus Prütz - White Jazz-Black Magic (MV0221), 26.07.2019