guitar, vocals: Mathieu Ricou

drums: Katy Elwell

bass, vocals: William Knox



Katy Elwell (Drums), William Knox (Bass) und Mathieu Ricou (Gitarre & Gesang) trafen sich 2006 und Lizzard begann bald, ihren eigenen Sound mit einzigartiger und unverwechselbarer Rockmusik zu kreieren.

Mit 2 Alben und großartigen Kritiken tourte das Trio mit Gojira, Terry Bozzio, High On Fire und Adrian Belew Power Trio und zog Vergleiche zu Tool und King Crimson.


Formed in 2006, when Katy Elwell (drums), William Knox (bass) and Mathieu Ricou (guitar & vocals) met and discovered they shared a common vision in music, LizZard soon set out to work on their sound with a mission to create something unique, relevant and unmistakably rock.

The result of their labours was a much praised and self-produced demo "La Criée", which was released in 2007 and offered them the chance to play a series of concerts throughout France.

In the following year, LizZard recorded the mini-album "Venus" with Rhys Fulber (Paradise Lost, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly...) who loved their "marvelous poly-rhythmical sound". Great reviews followed with some publications drawing comparisons to Tool, King Crimson and praising the band’s originality and freshness.

The following two years saw LizZard touring, opening for some of France's biggest rock head-liners (Gojira, Punish Yourself, Loudblast...), and in 2011 the band travelled to Los Angeles to record their first full length album with Rhys Fulber once again. Six weeks in the studio resulted in "OUT OF REACH", an album that demonstrates all the traits of LizZard and was released in October 2012 via Klonosphere/Season of Mist.

In 2013 LizZard hit the road for a 25 show European tour with HIGH ON FIRE (US) during which they considerably expanded their fan base. They followed up with a national tour, ending the year opening for Terry Bozzio, who invited the band to perform on Drum Channel (USA).

LizZard came back in October 2014 with a second album called "Majestic". This new album is a spontaneous and raw creation which was recorded live and produced by the band.

LizZard then went straight on to headline a small tour on the US west coast. Since then, they have hit Europe hard with 4 tours, playing over 100 shows since the release of Majestic, including a tour opening for the Adrian Belew Power Trio.

A special edition of Majestic has since been released in North America via Rocker Records, legendary drummer Carmine Appice’s record label.

Summer 2016 saw LizZard doing some festivals, before starting work on their third full length album, which is set to be produced and mixed by Peter Junge. In 2017 LizZard will hit the road in the fall, and in January 2018 will be touring Europe again on a co-headlining tour with ORK (King Crimson & Porcupine Tree side-project).


Lizzard - Shift (MV0169), 23.02.2018