Sky of Rage

Vocals: Staffan Carlsson
Lead Guitars: Joachim Nordlund
Rhythm Guitars: Janne Cederlung
Bass: Mika Itäranta
Drums: Tomas Friberg

Sky of Rage is the idea of Astral Doors guitar player Joachim Nordllund. Supported by former members of his main band, Joachim brings a new interpretation of classic Hard Rock.

Solid music for solid fans. It`s handmade.


In the autumn of 2009 the two old friends Tomas Friberg and Joachim Nordlund were listening to old heavy metal. They decided to write some songs together. A couple of hours (and beers) later the first song had seen it's light.

After a couple of month a few songs were written and the duo needed a singer for the project. They wanted a singer that could both growl and sing with clean voice because they thought the songs needed that kind of approach. His name was Staffan Carlsson. Staffan got a bunch of songs and started to work with the vocal lines and lyrics right away. It took a while for Staffan to feel comfortable with this kind of heavy metal, but when he nailed two or three songs, all three knew that they had found a unique sound.

The songwriting proceeded until 2010. Janne Cederlund (ex. Thalamus), an ambitious guitar player, was the next name that came up and a handshake later they had their new axman. To find a bass player seemed to be a bit harder. Until one night in the spring of 2011 when Joachim was out, he met Mika Itäranta. Mika had left Astral Doors two years ago but now he'd got the spirit of rock'n’roll back again. As such the band was complete.

The first record was recorded in Joachim’s Big Turn Studio in the beginning of 2012. They started to search for someone to mix the songs. The job went to Martin Haglund, the former guitarist of Astral Doors, a great friend and studio tech. He did a great job and the eleven songs that the guys had picked out for the CD sounded awesome. The release date for Sky of Rage’s debut album was autumn 2012.


Release Date: Juny 27th 2012