Vocals & Guitar: Alan Costa
Guitars: Stefan Kuhn
Bass: Dennis Kirsch
Drums: Sebastian Berg

TALETELLERS were formed in late summer 2005, by Alan Costa and Stefan Kuhn.

The first vital sign of the band  was the EP The Missiles of Mercy, which was self-released by the band in early 2007 and which received without exception very good reviews in the underground rock and metal press. The song „Bad Motherfucker“ was for more than six months #1 on several Internet Music Charts, and was voted “Track of the Day”, “Track of the Week”, „Best Lyrics“ and „Most Rocking Track“ several times.

In late 2007 the band entered SU2 Studio and recorded its first full lenght album - Detonator.

This caught the attention of Hammersound who offered the band a record contract in 2008. The band took the chance and Detonator was officially released throughout Europe in September 2008.

Critics were generally positive towards Detonator. The Swiss metal magazine Metal Factory gave it 9/10 in a review.

During that year TALETELLERS also signed their first Endorsement-Deals with Dean Guitars, Mapex, Sabian , Agner and Kitty Hawk Amps.

In 2009 the band embarked on their first  European Tour supporting Grave Digger and Alestorm. They played in 23 cities across Europe including Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic and Belgium.

Back at home, the band began writing new material and in 2010 teamed up once again with producer Phil Hillen at SU-2 Studio to record the second album.

The phenomenal artwork for „Radicalizer“ was once again designed by Mark Wilkinson, who did all TALETELLERS artworks until now and who is known for his work for Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Jimmy Page, The Who, Marillion and many others.

Release Date: April 19th, 2011